Housing Counseling

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As a Certified HUD Counseling agency, CCCS of Northeastern PA offers counseling for homeowners and potential homeowners through our First Time Homebuyer, Foreclosure Prevention and Reverse Mortgage Counseling programs.

For potential homeowners, individual counseling sessions are offered to prepare you for the milestone of buying your first home. Our counselors will conduct a thorough review of your income, expenses, credit report and work with you to resolve any barriers to purchasing your first home. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of homeownership, discuss predatory lending, the mortgage process, and review available mortgage products to fit your personal situation.

Foreclosure Prevention counseling is available to assist homeowners with loan modification, forbearance or other repayment options when faced with a delinquent mortgage. Our certified counselors work directly with your servicers with the end goal of bringing your mortgage to a current standing, and avoid foreclosure. When foreclosure is inevitable, options can be reviewed such as Deed –In- Lieu of foreclosure, or Short Sale. All counseling is confidential, and individualized to your situation.

For Reverse Mortgage candidates, our Certified HECM Counselors can provide face-face counseling or telephonic counseling nationwide to educate senior citizens on the advantages/disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage, prepare estimates on available equity and costs, as well as make referrals to other programs that may benefit them. Our small fee of $75.00 for two sessions covers the counseling, and resource material provided.

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Spending limits must be realistic

Refrain from using your credit to subsidize your income.

Make your spending habits consistent. Large expenses should be pro-rated over a period of time.

Make the budget a family project. Everyone must be involved in order for it to work.

Review your statements regularly from your creditors while on the DMP. Report any unusual fees or activity to CCCS Operations Department, and send a copy of each of your statements every three months for official review.