Personal Financial Management F.A.Q.s

My wife and I are filing bankruptcy, can we do this course together?

This course is designed for individual use. Therefore, each of you will need to register separately and pay the required amount separately. Each account will need an individual email address. However, you can use the same method of payment for each course chosen.

I don’t have an email account. Can I contact CCCS of Northeastern Pa. Inc for an alternative method of registering?

A valid email account is required for registration. You can obtain a free email account at Hotmail, Yahoo, or MSN. If you are connected to the internet using cable modem, your provider may be able to provide you with a free email.

I am filing for Bankruptcy in the Eastern District of PA. Can I take this course and receive my Certificate of Completion?

CCCS of Northeastern PA. Inc is authorized to provide Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Debtor Education for the Middle, Eastern and Western Districts of Pennsylvania.

I’m filing for Bankruptcy through Legal Services and can’t afford the fee for this course. How do I participate?

If you are filing your Bankruptcy through Legal Services, or a Pro-Bono Attorney, please contact CCCS of Northeastern Pa. Inc at (800) 922-9537 to make alternative arrangements.

My attorney said I have to take a Bankruptcy class or course but there are three (3) courses offered. How do I know which one to take?

If you have not filed for Bankruptcy protection yet, you must complete the Pre-Filing/ Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course “More Than One Way Out.” After your bankruptcy course has been filed, you are required to complete the Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course entitled “Live a Richer Life” prior to your discharge. CCCS of Northeastern Pa also offers a third educational course entitled “Better Fortunes. Control Your Future. Control Your Life.” This course is designed for any consumer who wants to take charge of their finances and manage their income and expenses responsibly.

Will I receive my certificate as soon as I complete the course?

No, the certificates are generated after your course is reviewed by a Certified Credit Counselor and forwarded to you in the manner that you have indicated. It typically will only take 24-48 hours for you to receive your certificate.

What are the minimum system requirements to take the course and exams?

You can check out the system requirements by visiting the support page within the Learning Portal.


Spending limits must be realistic

Deposit part of your income into a savings account to meet emergency expenses.

Know your priorites. Allot enough income for the essentials (shelter, utilities, food, medical, savings).

No more than 25% of your monthly income should go towards installment debt – credit cards, loans, car payments, etc.

Keep an accurate record of your cash flow and expenses in order to stick to your plan.