Now is a great time to buy a house!

Did you miss the HOME Program in June? Well stay tuned! Another one is in the works for September so you still have a chance to attend! If are you thinking about buying a house the HOME Program is for you! Learn the facts before buying by attending our HOME Program! Hear about topics such as budgeting for your new home, choosing a realtor, credit and credit reports, the mortgage process, home inspections and more! For more information please call our education department at 570-602-2227 ext. 220! This program is FREE! A Certificate will be issued at the end of the workshop to satisfy any first time homebuyer requirement.

Are you working to "Sharpen Your Financial Focus"?

Have you taken advantage of our new “Sharpen Your Financial Focus” program yet? If you haven’t you are really missing out on a terrific program! Log into and take the on-line self assesment of your finances, MyMoneyCheckUp and see where you stand! Schedule your appointment and review your credit report with one of our Certified Financial Professionals! Then take advantage of either a financial workshop or schedule a follow-up appointment to see how you’re doing!

Plus, if you take the MyMoneyCheckUp financial assessment and visit with one of our Certified Financial Professionals, you could take advantage of Experian’s program FREE for 12 months! That’s a year of unlimited access to your credit report and score, calculators, articles on credit, free Credit Monitoring, all kinds of bells and whistles! Plus they have just added a new “Alerts on the Go” app!

And it’s all FREE!!!!!!! So what are you waiting for?! Do the MyMoneyCheckUp assessment, schedule your appointment and start to “Sharpen Your Financial Focus” today!

Have you been laid off from your job?

Have you been laid off from your job? Is it getting harder and harder to manage financially? Attend the “Surviving a Layoff” workshop and learn some tips and tricks to surviving on a reduced income, 401K tips, why you need to order your credit report NOW, avoiding foreclosure and more! This workshop will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the Wilkes Barre Career Link, 32 E. Union St. in Wilkes Barre. Please register on-line at or call Career Link at 570-822-1101

Refer-A-Friend Program

CCCS has instituted a Refer-A-Friend program for all active DMP clients. When you refer a friend/family member to the program, and if they enroll successfully on the DMP, your maintenance fee will be waived for three months. Please see our Winter 2011 “Consumer Connection” for more details or call (800)922-9537 to receive your coupon in the mail. Only one referral per client.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern PA is on Facebook!

CCCS is on Facebook! Mark us as a favorite, and keep up with the latest credit and housing news!

Notes from CCCS

CCCS is a non-profit 501c3 based in Northeastern Pennsylvania but serving clients across the region and state. Our certified, highly trained counselors have a unique knowledge of credit and housing issues. We are local to your community and have extensive experience with all the resources available to consumers. We are a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, HUD and PHFA certified to provide pre-purchase and post-purchase housing counseling and certified with the Council on Accreditation. We provide Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Debtor Education throughout Pennsylvania. We are a United Way Agency, and licensed with the PA Dept of Banking. When choosing a Debt Management or Counseling Agency, choose carefully, and choose the agency that will put the client first!


Make the budget a family project. Everyone must be involved in order for it to work.

Deposit part of your income into a savings account to meet emergency expenses.

Keep an accurate record of your cash flow and expenses in order to stick to your plan.

Review your statements regularly from your creditors while on the DMP. Report any unusual fees or activity to CCCS Operations Department, and send a copy of each of your statements every three months for official review.

Make your spending habits consistent. Large expenses should be pro-rated over a period of time.